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Mohan Lal sat down under him. Mayuri thought that maybe she's going to lick her pussy. But Mohan Lal was walking in the brain. He said to Mayuri - daughter-in-law, you turn around and lean me and see my ass hole.
Mayuri-ji Babuji..

Mayuri hastened to turn back and Mohan started appearing to see Lal like a deadly butter.

Mohan Lal told Mayuri- Bahu.. I have seen many dreams of this ass of yours. From the day I liked you for Ramesh, I have always dreamed from that day that I wish to find you to kill this ass.

Mayuri- Oh Babuji.. I did not have any idea of ​​this feeling; otherwise I would give you a glimpse of your ass in your honeymoon. Well now it's your hole completely and in front of your cocks.

Mohan Lal broadened the hole of Mayuri's ass with both his hands and sniffing it near his nose near him. The smell of her ass started to make her feel a strange drunkenness. Then the father-in-law Mohan Lal placed on the hole of the ass of his daughter-in-law, Mayuri, and started jubbing the horns of the ass.
Mayuri was not ready for this thing; she was not expecting that her father-in-law would take such steps too. He suddenly got mad by the excitement and started taking sensual sisakari- Um ... Ahhh ... hay ... yah ... baa ... bu ... ji .. you .. so my. Jan .. only .. rematch.. will give ...
Mohan Lal - Now where is Bahu.. There is still a lot left.
Saying this, Mohan Lal put his two fingers in the pussy of Mayuri and started throwing his pussy out with fingers. At the same time he was licking his ass with his tongue.
Here the condition of mascara was getting worse. He does not know how many times he has fallen. Both her pussy and mouth together came from two cocks, which were cocks of her own brothers. She was getting fuck.
Then after a continuous fuck of about 12-15 minutes, the two brothers got together. Ramesh removed the water of his coconut in the mouth of the mascara and Kajal consumed all the semen and got drunk. He did not want to waste a single drop of semen from his elder brother's cocks, which he felt like the semen of semen. Suresh also put all his semen in the skin of the mascara. Kajal once again felt the hot cum out of cocks in his pussy, but this time this semen was out of his younger brother's cocks. The two brothers fell beside the side of the cage and now the three brothers started resting.
By the constant movement of Mohan Lal's fingers and tongue, Mayuri could not stand for long, and he had flown once in so long. Mohan Lal had licked every single drop of water from his pussy.
Now Mohan Lal, giving almost the order, called Kajal to him and said, 'Kajal Daughter.
Kajal-ji papa?
Mohan Lal- Leave your brothers and come here. Introduce yourself to your father's cocks too.
Kajal-ji papa .. I'll be here now.
Mascul said, as a good child, he followed the order of his father. He got up and walked towards them. Then there was some thought in the mind of Mohan Lal, he smiled and he stopped the mascara - but wait .. I will only come there. Come on, let's go to the couch.
Mayuri-ji babu ji ..
Mayuri put Mohan Lal in the waist, both of whom are beloved lovers and both grew up towards the sofa. Ramesh and Suresh made their place there for their father and Mohan Lal sat in the middle. Then the order of Mohan Lal was issued - Bahu and Kajal .. Now both of you together mix my cocks together.. I want to see my daughter-in-law and daughter sucking their dicks together.

Kajal and Mayuri Mohan Lal followed the order and started licking their cocks together. Their lips were sometimes bump into each other, but both of them were competing like who could suck the cocks more and more.

Mohan Lal, seeing both of them sucking, kept his hand on his head and said, 'Be happy forever, my children. Today both of you have won me a sense of heaven.

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