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Do you know Lebanon escort's Online Escort Services Fall Through escort girls

Do you know Lebanon escort's Online Escort Services Fall Through escort girls? The websites offer glamor, sex and options. Age, hair color, nationality and measurements can be selected online. With an email or a phone call, escort Lebanon’s online Lebanon escort services promise that beautiful women, and some men, can be distributed to your door and be at your service – for a hefty fee. But these Lebanon Escorts Agency also appear to exact a high price from the women involved, and differ in some key ways from the prostitution that takes place in country’s nightclubs and super nightclubs.

Prostitution is supposedly legal in licensed brothels in Lebanon, but no new licenses have been issued in decades. It takes place through the well-known artist license loophole, which is given to women working out of night clubs and super night clubs. Lisa Ammar of KAFA (Enough Violence and Exploitation), a nongovernmental organization that works to eliminate gender-based violence and exploitation of women and children, says the artist visa is a so-called legal scheme, whereas the women who work in these [ Lebanon escort] companies are part of the ‘illegal’ sector.

Women with artist visas are verified monthly for HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. These medical checkups are regulated by the Interior Ministry and General Security – General Security comes into the picture in part because many of the women holding artist visas are not Lebanese, says Nadia Barden of Skins Informers Development Communautaire. Women who contract STDs can’t return to work until they are cleared by doctors, and those non-Lebanese who get HIV lose their visas.
Between 2001 and 2015, SIDC, which works with the health of marginalized populations, conducted an outreach program with Lebanon’s National AIDS Program that targeted male and female sex workers, venous drug user, and men who have sex with men.

From side to side this program, which involved former sex workers training current workers on healthy sexual practices, Badran estimates SIDC came into contact with almost 5,000 female sex workers.

The organization is set to release the data it compiled from those 10 years in the coming months, but Badran says that in general, sexual health for women who do not work in the clubs is not well monitored. These escort in Lebanon women “are on the street or call girls, so nobody knows about them. They have to check their health by themselves.”

Badran adds that women working as escorts, or indeed as prostitutes in illegal brothels or on the street, are less likely to use condoms than women in the clubs. This, she says, is because condom use “depends on the client’s intentions and preferences. If the client wants, he can [use a condom] ... If not, she cannot oblige him to wear a condom. And maybe sometimes they will pay more for not using a condom and she will accept.”

Women also may be afraid of losing their jobs if they demand condom use from clients, Badran says, especially if they do not work alone. “However, the women who work, for example, in nightclubs and super nightclubs can oblige [clients] to use condoms more ... The places where they work support them in asking for a condom, because if a woman becomes infected she must stop work. [Using condoms there] is in their interest.”

But what of the high rates listed on the websites? Women appear to earn several hundreds of dollars per hour, and if they are in the job by choice then they can make an excellent living.
While this may be true in some cases, Badran says the majority of Lebanon Escorts Service is run by men. When women work with a pimp, the pimp will take most of the money and she sex worker will get less.

She notes that the high rates on the glitzy websites “are not for local people. Most of them are for foreigners that come from outside Lebanon and ask for this type of service. People from other countries can afford to pay.”

Speaking to women about their jobs is tough. Lisa Ammar says “it’s very hard to extent these women. If you try to call the number that they post online, if you want to profit from any of their services, they want your name and your hotel number to make sure that you exist ... They want to make sure you are not a journalist or an NGO or a security official.”

Indeed, the person who answers the phone at such services is usually a man. But arranging an evening with the women is fairly simple. When a journalist from The Daily Star called the mobile numbers listed on several websites and asked to meet with specific women, he was provided with their mobile numbers. Meetings were settled on the same night, and prices were negotiated. Over the phone, the women described the sexual acts they were willing to engage in.

And all of this is operates under the nose of the government. The Internal Safety Force’s Office of Electronic Crimes is tasked with shutting down the websites that advertise such services. A safety source told The Daily Star that while the businesses are illegal, they are difficult to close given the ease with which sites can pop up again.

“Usually we don’t have the ability to find many of those websites,” the source said, adding that “we wait for complaints to take action against the websites that provide escort Lebanon services.”

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